Protect AD

The extension "Protect AD" allows you to block many types of advertising under your complete control.

This is a unique opportunity to block pop-ups, intrusive ads, and protect your data from online tracking.


How we work

If you have never used such a program, you will be surprised how “clean” the pages will be, spared from many banners. How much more comfortable it will be to work on the Internet! You will also protect your browser from many security risks. You can control your actions, allow certain types of ads, whitelist the websites you want to support. And this is not all expansion options!

Blocking annoying ads, including with: automatically played advertising videos with sound, Popunder and Clickunder pop-up ads, and commercials on pages overlaid with ads.

You can allow certain types of ads and / or whitelist the websites you want to support.

Full control on your part: preventing advertisers from tracking your online data; saving money, traffic; filtering various types of advertising on websites.


We don’t track you, don’t allow others to do it ! We take your privacy seriously!

Confidentiality is one of our core values. Communication with our servers is encrypted, so we have no way to establish a connection between you and your online activity.

The only data which we store is the fact of installation and extension activity for statistics.

Details of the privacy policy can be found on our website:

The End User License Agreement:


The notification "Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit", which you can see when installing the extension "Protect AD", is automatically generated. Since the extension "Protect AD" must access the advertisements on the page in order to block them.

Also during installation, you may observe the message "Display notifications". This is due to the use of the «FireBase cloud messaging» service.

You can always ask a question to specialists if necessary. To do this, use the "feedback" function.

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